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----S O L D ----
7-course Mandora in D (made 2018 by James Marriage, GB)

Diapason: 72cm
Tuning: d- a - f - c - G - D - C (=same intervalls as classical guitar)
Strings: Aquila Nylgut (440Hz)

Based on the Hans Frei (KHM C34) English yew body, alpine spruce soundboard, bog oak fingerboard (the eco alternative to ebony) lime wood sickle peg box, pear wood pegs and bridge. Nylgut strings

The Mandora is in very good condition. Its good for the solo music by Brescianello, Camerloher, Schiffelholtz, as well as for the numerous pieces of chamber music (for Mandora and Violin, Flute, Cello, etc.) or songs, which can be found in numerous manuscrupts. In 18th century it has been used as a continuo-instrument as well, and its possible to use it in the same way today. Furthermore guitar music around 1800 on Madora sounds quite well.

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